CNC Machining

Utilizing the latest in CNC Milling

and Turning Techonlogy

CNC Fabrication

CNC Laser cutting with both flat and

tube cutting lasers, CNC Brakes


Mig and Tig Welding in carbon,

stainless steel and aluminum

Value Added Services

Custom design, powder coating, assembly

and logistic services

The Latest in CNC Machining Technology

Mackow Industries has been providing CNC Machining services for over 25 years. The experience and knowledge gathered during this time allows Mackow to offer comprehensive and unique solutions for each of its clients. Investment in modern and sophisticated equipment such as 4 and 5 axis CNC milling, live-tool CNC turning and high-speed CNC machining has been on-going for years. Backing this equipment is the use of modern CAD/CAM software that provides our experienced and dedicated staff solutions to any machined component. This means that complicated and high-tolerance parts in either low or high volume quantities can be provided in a timely and cost-effective basis.

CNC Fabrication Using Flexible Manufacturing

Mackow Industries offers comprehensive CNC fabrication services and solutions. Utilizing the latest in laser cutting technology, Mackow provides both CNC flat laser as well CNC tube laser cutting solutions. These capabilities mean that any sheet metal component, starting either as sheet plate or tube can be supplied. Whether its an individual component or part of a larger assembly, Mackow’s laser cutting services are part of its flexible fabrication solutions.

Coupled with the laser cutting, Mackow uses a wide range of CNC press brakes for forming parts used in a variety of applications. Sophisticated, multi-bend components used individually or as part of a larger assembly are easily manufactured on these state-of-the-art brakes by our experienced fabrication staff.

Welding it All Together

As a CSA certified weld shop, Mackow can provide both Tig and Mig welding solutions. Our experienced and dedicated group of welders are experienced in welding all types of metal from cold-rolled carbon to stainless steel to aluminum. Whether the project is a small welded bracket, complex structural assembly or large aluminum or stainless steel fuel tank, Mackow provides a comprehensive array of solutions to any welding project.

Value Added Service

In addition to Mackow’s wide array of manufacturing services, we provide a number of value-added services including custom design, powder-coating, assembly and logistic solutions. Mackow recognizes that every client has unique requirements and we strive to offer a group of comprehensive services as a way to enhance the customer service experience.

Next Steps…

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