Our company isn’t greater than the sum of its parts, we’re greater because of our parts.

If we sound confident, it’s because we are. It’s the confidence that comes with experience, when it’s backed by the best equipment, technology and people in the industry.

At Mackow, we take pride in our products, but we make people our priority with expectations not only met, but exceeded. We put customers first and build relationships that last. We stand by our work because we won’t stop until the job is done and done right. It’s how we do business, and it’s why we’re always trying to do it better.


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We are a customer-focused, growth oriented metal fabricator that provides innovative, customer-specific solutions to first class companies. We succeed by investing in our people, processes and technology while enhancing profitability.


Mackow Industries will:

  • Create a safe and considerate working environment
  • Encourage originality, innovation and promote enthusiasm in meeting the customer’s needs
  • Endeavour to cultivate profit growth through efficient production methods and procedures
  • Create a distinct and progressive corporate culture
  • Make positive contributions to the community in which we operate and strive to become a model corporate citizen.


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Mackow Industries was founded by John Mackow in 1984. Our success and longevity is tied directly to the talent and dedication of people we are proud to say are the very best in the business.

Starting as a small machine shop, a strategic partnership with Mosaic Capital Partners in 2016 gave us the resources we needed to meet increasing demand. That partnership led to our second 60,000 sq.ft facility in 2017 – the first still located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CA) and the second located in West Fargo, North Dakota (US) to better serve our U.S. client base. Our combined abilities have created a metal manufacturing powerhouse that focuses on innovation, efficiency and personalized service to meet our customers’ needs.

From day one we learned the importance of hard work, customer service and relationships. Today, we’re bigger, better and faster – but those same values drive us now more than ever as North America’s leading single source for custom welding, metal fabrication and manufacturing.

Our Team

Other companies may use similar processes and equipment – the same can be said of almost any industry. But it’s the people at Mackow who make us who we are and who deliver the very best products and services to our valued customers.